Month: July 2019

Bare feet

My Jandal broke in the supermarket. I was walking along and all of a sudden, snap, the piece that attaches to the base had split. It was unrepairable. What was a man to do? Well, walk barefoot of course. The looks man, the looks from the other people during that short 3 minute stint without …

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Drip by drip

This is not my idea, I stole this from Seth Godin, but everyday you do something towards your goal and eventually you gain traction. I’ve been posting daily for my other website and been busting out blog posts as much as I can and I’ve been seeing a steady rise in engagement with my site. …

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black mattress in front of a large window behind a mountain

Easy to measure, actually useful?

Just like multiple choice questions in tests, stays in hotels are easy to measure. There’s money involved, and they are easily counted. That’s why the focus is on people numbers not economic impact. It’s so simple. But difficult. You have to convince people of going the hard yards. That’s one big theme in Japan, actually. …

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An idea from Essentialism by Greg McKeown

My next challenge: Everyday before picking up your phone, read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius for 20 minutes. Do this until you can finish the book. You’ve been using your phone too much recently, and you need to take the time to think. By using meditations, the book you had the foresight to purchase last year …

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Conservatism is selfishness. I don’t mean conservatism in that environmental sense. I mean conservatism in the political sense. If conservatism is about keeping the status quo, then it is about selfishness. Keeping the status quo means you are not thinking about the future life for your children. You are only thinking about yourself and now. …

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