Month: August 2019


Trust is an interesting thing. When you don’t trust someone, it shows, and that leads them to not trust you back. When you do trust someone, it’s easier for them to take advantage of you. But if you keep trusting them, they will see that you are sincere, and won’t take advantage of you again. …

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When swimming

When you find yourself concentrating on another person, it screws up your rhythm. The only way to do it right, is to focus on yourself. That’s why competition is so difficult, it’s a battle of wits, but you can get past that by concentrating on yourself.


Reputation gets in the way. If you have an idea about someone before you meet them it clouds your judgment about them. It’s better not to have any preconceptions about people so that when you meet them you judge them for their character not for how they live up to their reputation. When you are …

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Simultaneously the most convenient and inconvenient things on the planet. It’s obvious why they’re convenient. Instant information in the Information Age. Instant communication. What’s less obvious is why they’re inconvenient. Put simply, they don’t work on your schedule. They buzz and vibrate at the oddest of times. They remind you of things you don’t really …

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