Month: November 2019

Focus on learning for tomorrow

When you approach any learning endeavour, focus on learning for tomorrow. When we focus on learning for tomorrow, it changes our priorities from short-term gain, to long-term learning. When it comes to learning vocabulary, for example, this means that you learn words for the long term, so that you won’t have to learn them again. …

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Always respect people

Even when people disrespect you, you should always respect them. By doing so, you leave them with little options but to begin to respect you. If they fail to do so, they look bad. If you disrespect them back, you leave yourself open for more disrespect. Always respect people.

Money and language

Money and language are all but tools. Both help us navigate the world we live in. Without either, we can’t do much, but at the same time, too much doesn’t always lead to more satisfaction. As with every tool, it’s about balance. Not too much, not too little.

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