Month: February 2020

Concentration requires quiet which requires patience

Concentration requires quiet. Quiet mind, quiet room, quiet heart. Get these three, and you can have concentration. Even fooling yourself that you have these three works, but it is never easy, and it requires patience. Ironically, becoming quiet requires patience. Patience with yourself, patience with others, patience with the world. Get this, and you can …

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The Podcasting Fellowship: Why me?

Why are you uniquely suited to produce and host this podcast? My identity as a non-Japanese Bilingual Yamabushi means that I have access to thousands of years’ worth of ancient knowledge and philosophy right in front of my eyes, coupled with the ability to portray that in native English. After a few years of translating, …

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Health is wealth

I’d rather be healthy and poor than not healthy and rich beyond my wildest dreams. Looking after yourself should be more important than any job, always. Whenever you’re out on a run, think of it as adding to your health. The same thing goes for when you eat. Always choose something healthy, health is wealth.


Self-responsibility is really what it’s all about. When you’re in a group situation, you don’t have to do what the group chooses. Especially in teenage years, where it can be cool to do things just because your peers are doing so, you still gotta have self-responsibility. We act differently in group situations, and especially when …

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