Month: July 2020

Uncommon sense

On a local swimming pool’s website it says the wearing of a swim cap is ‘common sense’. Japan: We pray for a quick recovery from the novel coronavirus. Also Japan: *actually goes through with a domestic tourism campaign called ‘Go to’. Nek minnit: record numbers of infections. 🙁 The lack of leadership in Japan (that …

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A Jizo statue at the top of Mt. Kyogakura in Sakata

Uketamo: the philosophy to live by

Uketamo has a long, long history. There’s a little known mountain region in northern Japan called the Dewa Sanzan that has been used as training ground for the Yamabushi, monks who train in the austerities in the mountains, for over 1,000 years. Although the Dewa Sanzan comprises of only three mountains, currently Mt. Haguro, Mt. …

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The 500m rule

The 500m rule. Those older Japanese dudes must be on to something. To have one of the longest life expectancies in the world they must be doing something right, right? I’ve seen a lot of them addicted to alcohol and cigarettes, which is a bit worrying to be honest, but the guys I see constantly …

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