Month: September 2020

Level up

You know about the levels in Karate, right? The different belts associated with different levels. In Japan, this isn’t limited to Karate. They also have similar levels for things like English tests, which is somewhat understandable, and then things like tea ceremony and calligraphy. I’m not even lying. I used to think these were entirely …

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Failing to plan

Similar to yesterday’s post about doing things right the first time, collecting footage for videos also requires careful planning. There’s only so much editing can change, and you can really feel that if you don’t get good enough footage the first time around. What this means is that you have to have somewhat of a …

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Focus on learning the micro skills

If memorizing things is an important factor in gaining a skill, for example vocabulary in language learning, try to only have to learn these things once. At the initial memorisation stage, take extra time to check whether you have truly understood what you are trying to learn. This is something you’d probably learn yourself if …

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