Month: April 2021


It starts with appreciation

Sincere gratitude is the name of the game. The Japanese are smart. They know that everything starts with appreciation. Before every meal they say ‘Itadakimasu’ meaning ‘I humbly receive this meal’, but there is the connotation that you are thanking every living being (including plants) that played even the smallest part in bringing the meal …

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Five years

In retrospect, if anything, this day five years ago was a reminder to live. I’m not sure he’d want many people knowing this, but if it helps even just one person to get off the couch and do what they’ve always said they’d do, then I’m sure he’d be happy to let people know. My …

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person writing on notebook

Writers write

I was listening to an interview with a movie producer this morning. One guy was a student who was into cinematography and editing but ultimately wanted to become a director. That guy asked the producer for advice on how to proceed. The producer’s advice was to work on editing skills, for now, because a director …

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