Month: May 2021

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Why does/ did Samurai training begin with the bow?

The ancient Japanese art of Kyudo, otherwise known as Japanese archery, is a very good way to train your brain. Any teacher of Kyudo would tell you that you focus on form, rather than the target, and that’s how you do a good job. But one practical part of Kyudo that I never realized until …

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Beware the busy

Yesterday I watched Ex Machina. I enjoyed the movie, even the predictable ending, but the part that really interested me was when they discussed one of Jackson Pollock’s works, saying ‘what if instead of making art, he (Pollock) said ‘I can’t paint anything unless I know exactly why I’m doing it’ -what would have happened?’ …

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Fresh Eyes

A few weeks back, I made a video of our hike up Mt. Takadate, but when I ‘finished’ it, it didn’t feel quite right. Since then, I didn’t have much time to look at the video, but I’ve gone back to it just now, and I’m really glad I had that gap as there were …

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