Month: June 2021

Winning Failure

Tim Ferriss says when you’re undertaking a new project, try and make it so that even if you fail, you win. That’s the sort of mindset I went into my YouTube and 100 mountains project, although I don’t think I’m failing. I’m starting to really enjoy making videos. I’m a complete novice, until now everything …

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Just Trust

If you want to get anything done, you’re going to need to depend on others, and to do so, you need trust. The best way to earn trust is to be trustworthy yourself, which means trust is one of the most important things at getting things done. It is always better to be trusting of …

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Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi at Yamadera in Yamagata Prefecture

Memento Mori

In August, I’ll be turning 33, the same age Jesus was when he died, and I feel I should add that I’m already halfway-through living the amount of time my dad did (62). My grandparents all lived past 75, with the oldest falling just before their 90th birthday, so if I go by my grandparents, …

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