Getting over the money

Last year I made more money than I ever had before. That was through a combination of my normal jobs, plus a few extra translations and a little bit of interpretation. If I were just in it for the money, I would probably be a translator or interpreter. The reason I’m not is that I’m not in it solely for the money, and I feel that my other jobs, mostly Yamabushido but also my teaching job, are allowing me to have a positive impact on a great number of people, my main mission in life.

I was thinking about the money, and whether or not making less this year would have an impact on me, although I’m sure it would. This year, however, I have picked up a few different types of jobs, a bit of consulting and web design, that pays more than my other jobs, so I may not have that problem to contend with. Only time will tell, but I was thinking that if I were to quit my jobs and start on a sole project, with the knowledge that the first few years may not bear fruit, would I be content? My answer is ‘probably yes’.

Financially, we are in a safe position, with more than a few years’ worth of expenses saved, and more importantly invested and providing income. If I were to sacrifice that, I probably wouldn’t feel as confident. However, I think that with another new project aimed at having a positive impact on the greatest number of people, I wouldn’t be doing it for the money, so I could focus more on that simple mission. I’d still need for it to make an income, however. Food for thought.



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