Grinding on the daily makes grinding on the daily easier

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The daily grind gets easier with a daily grind. This Sunday will mark 1000 blog posts on this blog. 1000. Four figures. No one can take that away from you. Having done this, I would definitely encourage anyone to pick up a daily blogging or writing habit, even if you use a pseudonym or don’t push publish. There are of course advantages such as developing your writing skills, but the one area I think we can most benefit from grinding something out daily is in the discipline side of things.

Think about this for more than a second. This means that on both great days, and days I’d definitely rather forget (of which there have been a few), I have pumped out a blog piece. Now, it may not be the best blog piece, but at least it is something. Keeping to a consistent schedule like this definitely helps keep your mind in check, and also helps you believe that you can sustain a daily habit if you wish to. This in turn makes it easier to go through the daily grind.

So, I would definitely encourage getting your own domain and using a blogging service, personally I would recommend, but of course you don’t have to. What matters is that you pump something out on the daily. I also think the same applies to something else creative, like a photo a day, or something similar. Doing so will definitely make the rest of your day, and your days, better.



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