Here are a few samples of what you find in my newsletter, Mountains of Wisdom.

Why is this Buddha EVERYWHERE in Japan?
The Astounding Waterfalls of Chokai-san
Mt. Chokai above the sea of Japan
The Creepy Legend of the Yokai of Chokai-san (Mt. Chokai)
photo of peeled banana on yellow plate and background
The MONSTROSITY that is Tokyo Banana
Japan is in the year 2683?
The Badass Fudomyo’o: Your new Favourite Buddhist Deity
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Here are a few posts of my adventures climbing the 100 Famous Mountains of Yamagata.

Yura in Tsuruoka city seen from Mt. Arakura
Mountains of Sakura: Arakura-yama (Mt. Arakura)

Mountains of Sakura Cherry Blossoms and the serene Arakura Jinja await.

A Ryokan (traditional Japanese Inn) at Semi Onsen Hot Spring Resort
Turtles, Tigers, and a Legendary Japanese Character: Kamewari-yama (Mt. Kamewari)

Legendary location next to a quaint Onsen (hot spring) resort along the Oguni River in Mogami Town

Mt. Chokai seen from Mt. Yonetaihei in the winter
Homer Simpson’s Heaven in North Japan: The Donut-shaped Yonetaihei-san (Mt. Yonetaihei)

Tiny donut-shaped peak in Sakegawa Village of the Mogami region worthy of a snowshoe hike.

Mother. Hunter. Mountain. Hokari-yama (Mt. Hokari)

Kinbo Shugen Mountain with a strange name and amazing trails amongst the autumn leaves

Close Encounters of the Tengu Kind

(Murayama) Tengu-yama is a 403-m high peak in Nishikawa town that is home to a Tengu, a yokai or supernatural being.

The Pyramids of… Japan? — Yakushi-san and The OG Japan content creator (Mt. Yakushi)

Small pyramidal peak in the northern Yamagata town of Kaneyama



scenic view of lake and mountains against sky
The Detractors
The point is the point
close up photography of woman smelling pink rose
Generous and Gentle
charming child sweeping concrete pavement with broomstick
If you’re not careful


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