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The Astounding Waterfalls of Chokai-san
The Badass Fudomyo’o: Your new Favourite Buddhist Deity
Chokai-san (Mt. Chokai)
Hiking Guide: Mountains of The Shonai Region of Yamagata
Japan is in the year 2683?
photo of peeled banana on yellow plate and background
The MONSTROSITY that is Tokyo Banana
Mt. Chokai above the sea of Japan
The Creepy Legend of the Yokai of Chokai-san (Mt. Chokai)
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Here are a few posts of my adventures climbing the 100 Famous Mountains of Yamagata.

Mt. Ubagatake in autumn
The Widow’s Peak: Ubaga-take (Mt. Ubagatake) of North Japan

Must-see autumn alpine dreamland between the two tallest Dewa Sanzan peaks with a twisted backstory

Mt. Shogadake
Dancing in the Day Lilies: Shoga-dake

Shoga-dake is a former Shugendo peak on Chokai-san famous for its floral brilliance.

Hiking Japan’s Forgotten Highway: Sabane-yama and Ushu-Kaido (Mt. Sabane)

The odd connection between Osaka castle, the Shinkansen and Shinjuku, and the mountains of Yamagata.

Yura in Tsuruoka city seen from Mt. Arakura
Mountains of Sakura: Arakura-yama (Mt. Arakura)

Mountains of Sakura Cherry Blossoms and the serene Arakura Jinja await.

Sanze village near Mt. Fujikura surrounded by green mountains and the blue Sea of Japan can be seen through the trees in the distance through the trees of Mt. Fujikura
Sanze’s Little Helper: Fantastic Fujikura-yama (Mt. Fujikura)

Fun little peak in the tiny fishing village of Sanze, Tsuruoka City

Venerable Old Man Mountain — The Mist and Mystery of Okina-san (Mt. Okina)

 Legends and landscapes on an epic hike along the Ou Mountains



man person flying arm
When your stance changes, your heart changes
man in white shirt using macbook pro
Lessons that hurt
person holding world globe facing mountain
You’re not trapped.
two man hiking on snow mountain
Slowly but surely


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