A reminder to live

When someone close to you dies, it can be really hard. But it can also be a really good chance. Only those who have experienced this will truly appreciate it, but having someone close to you die is a reminder for you to live. Once it happens, a lot of the little things start to lose their importance, and our focus turns to the bigger picture. This reminder to live is an excellent motivator and it’s something that we need a constant reminder of, but if the only way to get it is through someone dying, then obviously we need another way to experience it.

Anyway, a friend’s father died recently, and I did what I wished someone did to me sooner. I asked him straight up how he felt about it. I’m really glad I did, he opened up, and we were able to share a precious moment that deepened our relationship remarkably. I got the same feeling I had three years ago, and that is that death is a reminder to live.

Don’t wait for someone to die on you, don’t wait for sickness to strike. Get out there and do what you want.



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