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photo of a man in a black shirt training for boxing

I’m testing out a new type of video at the moment and it is proving a bit difficult to piece together. The video involves an extensive interview I did, which is a bit of a first for me. It really feels like a difficult puzzle.

However, this is all part of the learning process. There’s so many things I’ve learned in the videos I’ve made so far that I am incorporating in this new video, but there’s still so much to learn. This is to help keep me on my toes, but also to add a new type of video to my repertoire.

I think it’s all about the narrative, it’s all about making a compelling story that keeps you engrossed. The difficult part is putting it together in the right order. Until now I’ve been making videos in an essentially chronological order, but for the purpose of the narrative, I’ve had to switch things up.

Either way, it’s a good experiment! Full of learnings!



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person writing on a notebook beside macbook
Soon enough
unrecognizable woman jogging along footpath in park
The first step is always doing
Tim Bunting AKA Kiwi Yamabushi on Zao-san
I don’t care, and neither should you


Aligning the stars
pink water lily flower on water
The Principle of Priority and swimming
For the hell of it


It’s all the same mountain
football goal net on the frosty grass
Shifting goalposts
Third place and a different feeling
Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi

Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi

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