Any day you can run, is a day you do run

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One time when I was working at an elementary school here I was asked why I swim. My answer was probably too honest, but I said I swim now, because there will come a time that I will not be able to swim. In other words, I fear not being able to.

That’s a bit of a negative way to think about it, I do swim because I love it, but both of these combined gave me the mantra ‘Any day you can run, is a day you do run’. If you’re physically able to do it, you do it.

This has been my mantra for a few years now. It means that even if you’re not feeling up to it, and you’re debating whether it will be worth it, it doesn’t matter and you should already be making a move. This mantra takes the thought out of it, often the biggest hurdle in getting a move on. So excuse me, I have something to do now.



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