Appreciating without adversity is the holy grail

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Appreciating without adversity is the holy grail. If you’re able to appreciate without having to go through tough experiences to do so, you win.

Going through adversity changes your perspective completely. Looking at people who haven’t had the same experience as you, it’s easy to see when they take things for granted.

What was once a given is now but a fantasy for you, but is still a given for them. When things are a given, it’s very hard to contemplate those things not being there.

This turns the focus on what you do have. It means that although you may have less, you value what you do have more than others. Even if it’s the same thing, adversity helps us learn to appreciate what we do have more.

So if you’re able to appreciate before adversity strikes, then you’re on to a winner. And after adversity strikes, remember to appreciate what you do have. It’s a lot.



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