Are you doing enough to change lives?

Most importantly your own

I’m lucky in that I’ve both experienced it myself, and seen it in others that Yamabushi training and Shugendo is powerful stuff. The ancient Japanese knew a thing or two about getting out into nature and using it as a training ground to better yourself. I’m just trying to pass on that wisdom to as many willing people as possible.

But are your efforts enough? Is what you’re doing to turn the dial, turning the dial?

Enough is never enough. There’s always more to do, especially with a mission such as this.

But if you haven’t found that mission, what are you to do?

Keep searching until you do. You owe it to yourself for simply being alive, and you owe it to humanity to live your best life. We don’t want to see you dissatisfied or regretful, we want to see you engaged and thriving.

If that means doing something no one has ever done before, even better. You need to prove not only to others but to yourself that you are brave. That you have what it takes to push the dial and to change lives.

Starting with your own.



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