Balancing video with writing

I’m kind of stuck in my video making mission, and it’s mostly my fault. I’ve talked before about making sure to get good footage in the first place, and this is the main reason why. Either way, this is a good lesson.

My video about Mt. Nihonkoku is what is holding me back, as I don’t have enough good footage to make a good video. I always knew that I would have to add extra parts to make sure that I got the story across, and let me tell you it is a good story, but I could have saved myself so much time and trouble by making sure to get good footage in the first place.

Well, there is enough there, but it requires a bit of creativity and learning some new skills on my behalf. I guess I’m just afraid of working on it for some reason, and now I’m all but convinced this is just the resistance at work.

This of course means that I do have a backlog of four videos at the moment, maybe I should work on them rather than my blog posts on the mountains in the mornings. Perhaps I should do one at a time a week at a time, or perhaps I should go out and get footage now while the mountains are open, and wait until the winter to make the most of being stuck inside. So much to decide! Either way, I probably need to make some sort of schedule and stick to it. Video is an extremely important part of my plan for this project after all.

In order to prevent similar issues in the future though, I’ve vowed to make better use of my Sony camera, and I even went out and bought a clip so I can attach it to the strap of my bag. This should make it much easier than carrying it over my neck, and should encourage more use of the camera as well.



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