Early Movers’ Bias? How about just Movers’ Bias?

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Movers and shakers. It doesn’t matter when.

I believe that an early movers’ bias exists. I believe that if you get in there before everyone else, you gain the advantage of having previous work to call upon that can help any new work you make. I believe that since your work was the only one to exist, at the start at least, that it made it up to the top.

Those early movers also have another bias. A Movers’ Bias.

They were the ones to put the pedal to the metal and move. They were the ones that ignored all the naysayers. They were the ones that ignored all the voices in their heads telling them whatever they did would be futile. They were the ones who got started. They just happened to be earlier than everyone else.

But being early and getting started are two different things. Sure, there is an advantage to be made by being the first one to start, but there is also an advantage to be made simply by starting.

Plus, for all we know, if you get started now, and you stick to what’s uniquely you, who knows? You may well still be able to gain from the early movers’ bias. At the very least, you’ll definitely be able to gain from the Movers’ Bias.



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