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I was searching for a cafe yesterday on Google and I came across an article for a cafe that I had made about a year and a half ago and had forgotten about. Actually, it was a test page for expanding my blog beyond the scope of these random posts, and an attempt at providing information about this area in English.

I think the idea could work well, the page at least looked nice and there was plenty of useful information, but there were a few changes to make that immediately came to mind.

Firstly, I’d probably want to change the style of writing to be less informative and more of a casual review style. I’d also like to add a lot more of myself into it. Then, I’d probably change the format to be a bit more intuitive, and to provide even more information that can later be indexed and searches more easily.

But then, I’d probably want to go ahead and make a video instead since that’s what people are consuming these days (present company included). So I don’t know, I guess I could start it up again. What’ll it hurt?



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