Focus on learning the micro skills

If memorizing things is an important factor in gaining a skill, for example vocabulary in language learning, try to only have to learn these things once. At the initial memorisation stage, take extra time to check whether you have truly understood what you are trying to learn.

This is something you’d probably learn yourself if you tried to learn a second language, but I think some people only learn vocabulary at a superficial level, which is why they really struggle to gain ground. The superficial level is fine for vocabulary that we hardly ever see or use, but not for vocabulary that will come up again, for example the next time you take a test.

At least, this was my strategy for N1 on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. I remember thinking that if I were to fail the test, it wouldn’t be so bad if I had memorized vocabulary for the next time I took it.

Fortunately I passed on the first go, but I think this is useful strategy to take when learning new skills. Focus on the skills that will pay dividends even if you were to fail at a task, so that you can use those skills for the task again in the future.



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