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Today I was talking with some old friends and the conversation turned to something of a sore spot for me, a place that I used to work for that had unceremoniously let me go. However, this was a few years back now, and I had all but forgotten about how I felt at the time.

At the time I felt that the feelings of rejection would never end, and admittedly it took me a bit of time to get over it, but today’s conversation was sort of like confirmation that I had gotten over it, and it felt good.

Looking back, I’m now extremely glad that I no longer work there, and I think the whole experience helped me grow as a person as well. It taught me that you have to be serious in your work, and for whatever reason if you can’t be, you probably shouldn’t be doing the job.

But more importantly, today’s reminder taught me that time does really heal all things, well at least it goes some way to making all things turn out for the better.

So if you’re having trouble coming to terms with something, know that I’m things do get easier with time, if you let them 🙂



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