How are you changing the world?

Everyone who lives has an impact on the world in one way or another. Every life has a meaning, and every meaningful life that affects the world affects every other meaningful life. So, the question is, how is your life being meaningful to other lives?

It’s a question we should be asking ourselves every day. Not in a condescending or discouraging way, but more to remind ourselves of our position in the world. Our lives are truly gifts given to us that we have to make the most of, and one way to do that is to provide meaningful life to others, which in turn provides it to us.

I believe in the mantra that searching for the meaning of life means you are not living. I believe that time spent trying to look for the answers is time spent not living. When I first picked up a camera nearly 9 years ago, I remember thinking that I had to balance the time spent taking photos with the time spent on the experience. Looking through the lens of a camera is not the same as experiencing the same thing. The wind in your hair, the smile on your face, can only be replicated by truly experiencing something. Anything else is simply reminiscing, which is not a bad thing.



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a statue of a man near the clouds
Staying in the game
woman draw a light bulb in white board
Idea Execution
photo of an athlete swimming underwater
Just beyond the comfort zone


A Reminder of Stoic Philosophy
Going without
landscape photograph of body of water
Less than ideal, a chance to prove yourself


anonymous snowboarder standing on snowy mountain peak
Hit back hard
Minimal Viable Audience is a much-needed reminder
photo of man standing on top of mountain
Not yet, at least
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