How can we win? Forever in your favour

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No matter the odds, you always have to have how can you could possibly win in the back of your mind.

One time I was playing the game of cricket in darts (if you know it, you know it, if you don’t, it’s great! You should try it sometime!). Much like cricket in real life, getting a lot bullseyes is a way to gain a huge advantage (like getting wickets), although it is difficult to pull off, and is therefore very unorthodox (another cricket term!).

The game was very much over. I was almost guaranteed to lose, but then I remembered that I could still barely win by getting bullseyes.

In the end I failed miserably, but not before my opponent realised what I was up to and said ‘damn you sports people who always know how to go for the win’.

Of course we should play the game to enjoy it, but we also need to play to win, otherwise we’d just be wasting our time, right? Plus it’s a bit disrespectful to your opponent if you don’t give it your all.

So, no matter the odds, always play to win! Who knows, you just might pull it off!



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