How I guarantee great sleep

A few weeks back I wrote about putting my phone to charge at 6pm and not looking at it for at least 12 hours (that second part I may have just made up). The same goes for other devices too, like my iPad and computer, although I do allow myself to watch TV.

This has worked amazingly well. Besides specific nights when I stay up until 2:30am to watch NZ win the World Test Championship, I have found that I naturally go to sleep rather early, starting to feel tired around 8:30-9. Then I wake up rather early too, around 5-5:30, fully rested mind you.

To be honest, I am very surprised at just how sleepy I get once the sun goes down. The problem is, it has kind of cut into my reading time at night because I just get too tired. I’ve had to shift to reading in the morning a bit, but recently I’ve been using that time to do a bit of writing.

Either way, I highly recommend this. Put your phone to charge at around 6pm, then forget about it. After a week or so you forget that feeling of not having it, and you can better concentrate on other much more important things like spending quality time with family.



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