How to learn to come up with good ideas

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Do something to constantly have your subconscious in motion

The best ideas come when you have a problem in the back of your head but you’re doing something completely different. That’s when you get those eureka moments.

What you want is a state of mind like this, where your subconscious is always working on something in the background. To do this is actually rather simple, and some of you may already be doing it.

Have a daily discipline that requires such thought.

A blog is but one example.

Remember, the real benefit comes out precisely because it’s daily, precisely because you need to do it every single day. Without that daily deadline, you aren’t forced to put something out into the world. Naturally, you then become lazy, and the requirement to think of things in your subconscious is heavily reduced. So much so it could stop completely.

So, to truly make the most of your subconscious thought, do something that requires as much on a regular basis.



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