Insights and Impulses

A Lesson From a Yamabushi Master

Sit down in meditation. See how long it takes for a thought to come into your head.

You need to be quicker than that.

You need to already be acting on your impulse before that thought pops up.

Our minds are very good at talking ourselves out of doing things. It’s what they try to do when we put our minds at rest (or when we try to).

But our souls come first. Our souls that tell us the truth, what we really want to be doing for the simple reason that they tell us from the heart. The heart is where these impulses come from, and the heart is what we should be following.

As much as possible, the moment an impulse comes, act on it. Take at least the first step to seeing this impulse come to fruition. Try and get in there before your thoughts even have a chance.

Sure, your thoughts may catch up, but by then you should already have the ball rolling. By then you should already know whether it was the right decision or not. And even if it was the wrong decision, acting before your thoughts gives you that all important raw data. That raw data from which further insights and impulses come.

Let them, and let your soul shine through.

This post is heavily influenced by the words of Master Hoshino. Learn more at



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