Just allow it: The Dewa Sanzan Mountains of Rebirth

Mt. Gassan seen from Mt. Hokari

I'm just helping to make a pamphlet for the Dewa Sanzan. It's amazing how much my knowledge has changed over the years, not that it increased much, but that it got more accurate. Yamabushi culture is traditionally only passed down through word of mouth, it took a lot to convince Master Hoshino to have his notes recorded for this very reason, thankfully he caved in because now we have three books of his to enjoy. Anyway, this is how I got a lot of my information, and I must say, there were a huge number of gaps. Now having something to back this up is much better, and I feel more confident in sharing my knowledge.

The Dewa Sanzan are mountains of rebirth and have been for millennia. For me, they are the ultimate location to reset, to come back down to earth, and to reassure yourself that things will be ok. I have personally been through a lot that I would never wish on anyone else, even my worst enemies. But having these mountains right at my doorstep (relatively speaking) has been a real kamisend. I want you to know that no matter what happens, you can always go out to the mountains, or somewhere in nature, and just be. Nature has a way of healing, if you just allow it. Uketamo.



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Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi

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