Learning and contributing

Learning and contributing is what it is all about. This morning started out with a walk to see Mt. Chokai, and turned into a 100 minute walk. How do I know this? I was live-streaming on Instagram.

There’s one spot near here that I always go to because it doesn’t have as much distraction (power lines and rusted fences), but when I got there this morning, the whole area was shrouded with fog like I’d never seen before. It was so intense I just needed to share it, while also exploring more of the area.

Recently I’ve been thinking about doing more livestreams, or at least doing them on a regular basis so that I can put out content on a regular basis. I mentioned my backlog before, and have finally gotten around to editing and uploading the videos, but that backlog is still there, and it increases every time I don’t put something out.

This makes the whole thing sound like a chore, but I assure you it isn’t. I really do love getting out into the mountains and trying to express the beauty in both words and through video. This whole project is about learning how to do just that in an effective way, and I think I am doing that, albeit a bit slowly.

Live-streaming if it means I get content out and get practice at getting good content out sounds like a good idea. I think I’ll give it a go for at least a few weeks to see how I like it, and to see if I’m really learning and contributing, after all, that’s all you could ask for.



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