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While the original fanfare may be letting up, clubhouse is still a great app for learning languages. I took it upon myself to help my friend who was wanting to learn Japanese, and we started a weekly series this morning.

It’s my first time teaching Japanese in any capacity, besides short lessons to friends, and I started by asking myself, if I wanted to learn Japanese again, how would I go about it?

The answer is I would try and learn it as quickly as possible by memorizing key phrases that use key grammar points, memorizing the most common vocabulary, and then combining my knowledge of both to get some practice in. That’s what I’m trying to do with my friend.

I’ve set up a complimentary page for this at timbunting.com/Japanese that I intend to work on more as we get more practice in.

We started by covering verbs and conjugations, but we’re going to need a bit more practice on that. Then luckily there are two native Japanese speakers on hand who offered to give my friend some speaking practice. For the first time speaking it, he did an amazing job! He will be talking confidently in no time if he keeps up the effort.



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