Live and learn

Today was a pretty good lesson. I got up extra early to make the most of the morning sunlight. I wanted to capture Mt. Haguro at what I think is the best time to be there, so I got there at sunrise.

Problem was, I didn’t think it would be that dark, and I didn’t think my camera wouldn’t be able to handle it. I spent probably three or so hours climbing to the top, then coming back down, and it wasn’t until I got home and checked the footage that I realised that my camera is useless in low light situations.

It was fine when there was a bit of light out, but in the forests of Mt. Haguro on a dark day, you’re a bit out of luck. So a lot of that footage I spent a long time capturing turned out to be worthless. Well, it wasn’t worthless in the sense that I learned not to use a GoPro in low light situations, but live and learn I guess.

This sort of stuff they probably teach you at film school, but when you are your own film school, these lessons hit pretty hard. On to the next video!



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