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My hairdresser also happens to be one of my best friends and quite an active dude. He does quite a bit of fishing, is into photography, bikes, boats, cars, music, coffee, cafes, and all sorts of other hobbies. I’m also like him in a way in that I have a lot of a lot of interests.

We were thinking that all these interests might have lead to a lot of jobs for the both of us. Even though he’s a hairdresser by profession, he also sells classic cars and bikes on the side and has done quite well. He’s also thinking up other businesses he can run. It’s really quite inspiring.

Similarly, I try to make my hobbies into a side income as well if I can. I haven’t had much luck yet, but I’m hoping that I can at least get something from all the work I’m putting into this blog and my other projects.

For the blog, I know it has already helped me in my daily life to collect and process my thoughts in a meaningful way. It’s also helped keep me disciplined, although in the past few days I have missed my self-policed 12pm deadline.

I think having a lot of interests means you also have a lot of chances. Besides what I’ve said already, it also means you get to meet a wide variety of people who may be able to help you out in some way. But I think you still need to be somewhat engrossed in the hobby to be able to talk to people about it and to be able to benefit.



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