Making the Most of That Compounding Interest

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Building systems for your future beats having goals any day

Don’t focus too much on long-term goals. Long-term strategies, yes, but long-term goals there’s just too much unpredictability to get enough utility out of them.

Instead, focus on building systems that will bring you these goals in the future.

It starts in the now. Are your current systems building you towards that future you’re imagining? Are you taking the easy route now for that short-term gain? What slight differences in tack could you make now that will have a huge difference in the future?

Take the route that makes it easier for you in the future. Sure some of the things you’re doing now might be easy, but how beneficial will they be in the future?

Do this enough, and future you will be more than glad you did.

It all starts with assessing the current situation, and really asking yourself whether your current projection gets you to where you would like to see yourself.

Then all you need to do is to build systems that allow you to reach this future, no matter how unpredictable it is.



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