One video per day is harder than it looks

I thought it might be possible to make a video a day, on top of my blog. Well, I got one video in yesterday (in Japanese on English pronunciation, you didn’t miss much), and today I managed to film for the next video, but the editing just takes so much time! I need to get this editing process down to an art form, and ironically the only way to do that is to make lots of videos, maybe one per day? I guess I was naive to think that it would be possible to do one video a day, well I mean, without a proper plan in place that is.

Anyway, I’m attempting to replicate Gary Vee who made more than 100 videos on wine, and I’m using these pronunciation videos as a means of learning Final Cut Pro. I think this is a good way to do it, because it allows me to be crap, and there is a clear way in which I can improve: better videos in shorter time. The hard part so far has been the recording, I keep stuffing up my lines! But I think with practice I can get better.



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