Positive patterns

Someone’s had too much to think -The White Stripes, Ashtray Heart.

It’s very easy to get stuck in your head, and if you have a tendency to become anxious, this usually only leads to one thing. Most people need some way of dealing with their heads getting in the way, something to help reset them, and start anew.

Not so they can just go straight back to their old patterns, no, it’s the opposite. It’s so they can start new, positive patterns. Some people need this more than others, and some need this more often than others, but when you feel you’re in a funk, you have to do something to get over it, lest you let it control you. Even better, make this something a part of your daily schedule if you can.

I recently had a conversation with my friend Naohiro. In it, I explained that for Yamabushi, walking is considered a form of meditation. It usually comes with the premise that this is out in nature, but having a daily walk is a great way to help keep you refreshed and ready. Driving is another of my favorites, especially out in the Japanese countryside 🙂

All these things have a way of stopping our minds from giving us too much to think.



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