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Help each other out

For the second week in a row, a kind old lady at the swimming pool still had the stickers on her goggle lenses. You know, that layer of film you’re supposed to peel off before using them. The first week I just let it pass thinking she had just bought them.

But this week...

For things like this, for example something on your face or something stuck in your teeth, I like to let people know because I would like for them to let me know too.

But this, it’s so strange, but I can’t bear the embarrassment. She would have worn the goggles a few times by now, and a whole lot of people would have noticed, but no one has been kind enough to let her know. When she finds out, it’s going to be a bit of a horror show.

I guess I should just suck up the embarrassment and let her know next time I see her, lest I’m doing something similar.



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