Room for Improvement

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Use the path to your advantage

Thinking of learning as a path or a way is a very conducive way to go about it. Paths have no end. You are constantly striving for better. You are constantly pushing yourself forward in the hopes of improvement.

What more could you want?

When you’ve reached a certain level of competence, being on a path means you still have somewhere to go. The level of competence achieved is but one stop on a never-ending path towards a better self.

You still have something else you can improve on. You still have some way in which you can either try doing things differently, or you can outright just try different things.

There’s no ‘oh I’ve come this far, should probably call it a day’. It’s more ‘I’ve come this far, where can I go next?’

Being on a path keeps us hungry, it keeps us eager for more, and it keeps us pushing forward.

And it is all thanks to the path or way.



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