So much to do, so little time


I try to keep my weekends as weekends. Time to spend away from work, or what I would consider work, and time to spend at home. I didn’t get a chance to do that these past two days, and I’m starting to feel fatigue set in.

This was a combination of a job that could only be done yesterday that I needed to put in extra work to prepare for, and a job that I couldn’t finish through the week, that I should have finished but didn’t have the time to.

These things happen I guess, and I think I need to better manage my time. I’ve since gone and put the next jobs I have to do on my calendar, along with a section for a break, I think I deserve it. It’s tough balancing a lot of projects, I think I might really need to start saying no to things (more, I guess), which is a good position to be in, but also tough in its own way.

This is unsustainable, put simply. I want to have time to work on my personal projects, but if I keep accepting jobs like this, I won’t be able to. I need to slow it down a bit and give myself more space and more time.



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