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Now having had to empty two places, I have a pretty good idea why we shouldn’t be collecting so much stuff, and just how easy it is to accumulate things that we simply do not need. My father was the worst culprit. I remember throwing out cans and cans of paint, some of which had dried completely, and a whole lot of tools that are no longer usable due to things such as rust and broken handles.

The sentimental things are hard though. Well, yes and no. Photos can be categorised and put into albums and even digitised, but the big things like antiques and big pictures are a bit harder to deal with. Unless, you really do have no space for it, and you aren’t able to take it home. I took some antiques to two local dealers, and they both basically said that they may have sentimental value, but they aren’t worth much. So, that was easy. The only real reason to have these things for us is for money, except for really personal things I guess.

All in all, it hasn’t been too hard. It’s just a matter of going through things, and even following Marie Kondo’s method, well what I can remember from seeing the show on Netflix, has helped.



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