Sustaining the habit

During yesterday’s swim I had a chat with Mr. Konno, the jolly lifeguard there. Mr. Konno was telling me that a friend of mine who I saw at the pool the other day, and was there longer than me but was slower, had swim 6k that day. That’s double what I did.

Mr. Konno was saying that I should also try for longer distances. I would be able to now, I wouldn’t have been able to a month ago when I started back though. I think if I were to go for longer distances, I’d still want to have my shorter, quicker swims in there.

Just doing long distance swimming say once a week would not be enough to sustain the habit. Once a week is not enough for me to make headwind (although it should be enough to stay on top), unless I stick to a strict schedule, which isn’t always possible.

No I think if I’m to do long distance stuff, I’d have to be in combination with what I’m currently doing so I can keep going. Too much of a break can really put you out of whack, and I’m afraid long distance swimming would do that. But as with everything, you don’t know until you try.



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