The definition of work

Today Nathan and I had a chat about work. It will be up in the coming days on YouTube, I only just got our second episode up, but one of the interesting points that Nathan mentioned was the definition of work.

Well, we think there are multiple definitions for work, but after a bit of discussion, Nathan pointed out that we do work for the benefits it entails. These benefits may be financial, or they could be the pleasure derived from doing something well, learning, or having purpose, or something simpler like food or company.

I’m of the opinion that like learning, work should never stop. If you think of work as an activity that gives you benefits such as these, you don’t necessarily have to think of the financial ramifications, and you can concentrate on just doing it.

If you’re in the fortunate position where your paid work is something that you can continue forever, great! If not, start working on making what you work on each day a way that you can ‘work’ without the financial ramifications. That way you can ensure lifelong work 🙂



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