The Hardest Part of Swimming

For a lot of things, the starting is the easy part but it can take a while to gain motion and to sustain it.

The hardest part of swimming is getting in the pool. Every time, you know that there will be that initial shock your body gets when you jump in, and that takes a little bit of courage to overcome. But once you’re in and moving about, it’s perfectly fine and it may even be hard to get out.

For someone who has done a lot of swimming, you know what it feels like when just after you jump in and you’re moving about, you know what it feels like when you’re in ‘the zone’ and you know what it feels like when you finish, and this all makes it easier at the start.

If we could gain the foresight for swimming with other endeavours, maybe it would be easier to gain motion and sustain it, but the hard thing is that without experience in doing so, we don’t know how. I guess again it’s just a matter of doing it.



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