The last spurt

young athletes preparing for running in training hall

Get into the habit of having a strong finish

When I was in primary school we had a running race. I remember it very clearly because I nearly won, despite not being one of the faster runners. One of the senior students told me that when I got to a certain tree around the course, that I should sprint.

So I did.

And it worked. At least for me it did.

Then later when we were training for waterpolo, we used to try and have a strong finish when we would train.

When you’re doing a long-distance thing, swimming, cycling, running or otherwise, a good habit to get into is to have a strong finish. Pick some time in your event, maybe halfway through, or perhaps the last quarter.

Then speed up. Pick up the pace until the finish.

This tricks your brain into storing much-needed energy for the last push, often the time you need it the most. It also helps get you through the race, and at good pace too. This way you can more confidently finish with nothing left in the tank too.



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young athletes preparing for running in training hall
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