The one constant thing in life is change.

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Back about 10 years ago in an interview applying for a MEXT scholarship I was asked what in my opinion was the biggest difference between NZ and Japan. My answer now is the role of women in society, however that Japan is extremely conservative and NZ extremely progressive would be a close second.

When I was a little primary school student, I would fantasise about having two days being exactly the same. Eat the same thing, get on the bus at the same time, have the same lessons as the previous day, and even have the same absentees. I quickly realised that this was an impossibility, but I was completely OK with it.

The more I think about it, the more obvious it becomes that this is also undesirable.

Hell ants were such specialist creatures that when its prey died out, they followed suit. As humans, our ability to adapt to change is what has kept us alive for so long. It’s said that because we are such good generalists that we have survived longer than many other creatures. So why fight it, right?



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