The Podcast Fellowship Experience: Day One

I guess I should start with what it is, at least my impression of it, and why I joined up.

First up, what is it?

The Podcasting Fellowship is an online workshop, one of the Akimbo workshops initiated by Seth Godin. I believe it is a community-based way to start a podcast. Seth has authored by far my favourite podcast, Akimbo, and I guess I want to emulate that. I hope this fellowship lets me.

But, it's a podcast. It can't be that hard to set up, right?

Well, yes and no. My biggest motivation is actually motivating myself to do it. I've wanted to do something like a podcast or youtube for a while now. It's the getting round to it that was the hard part, and now I've made the dive, I'm keen to see it through. I've been writing my blog daily, but I think I need to improve my spoken ability. Writing, I'm pretty confident with right now, although I do make mistakes. With Podcasting, and potentially YouTube, I'll also be able to add spoken skills to that.

I also see this as a bit of an experiment to the Akimbo workshops. I've been interested in the AltMBA for a while now, but the timings haven't really lined up with work. This Podcasting Fellowship happens to be in my spring break, so I should have the time to invest in it as well.

What are your impressions so far?

Really good. The online system is quite intuitive, and easy to follow. It's probably better than the online system I used for my masters' 8 years ago (it was that long ago!). Bear in mind that the course hasn't started proper yet, but there's already plenty of things to do.



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