The problem with being unique

I purposely tried to do something unique that I can provide great value with, or at least try to do that. Either way, I think I’ve found that with Yamabushi. It’s unique and niche, and it’s also I think extremely valuable to the right people, if you value living well that is. However, being unique like this does come with its own problems.

For example, it’s hard to emulate unique tasks. There are times when we may want another us to get things done, but it’s harder to find someone able to do so. I guess this is a good problem to have though, you know there is value in what you’re doing, and you also have a chance of sharing this value creation with someone else.

Although, I think this could also be seen as pride, as it’s as if we’re saying we’re the only person who can do the job. In many cases that can be true, but the jobs can also be broken down into individual tasks that can then be copied.

I have read the e-myth, and remember where they talk about making jobs easy to duplicate, or easy for anyone to do. I don’t agree with this completely, I think as much as possible everyone should have some sort of variability or creativity in their jobs (which is of course possible depending on the job).

So we need to find some sort of midway, where jobs are replicable in some way. I think it would help to record the tasks and see exactly what is going on. Then, you’ll be able to delegate the tasks. If anything, this will make you more productive overall. And it would also give more management experience as well.

We can work backwards on these things too. We know what needs to be done, and we can then break down the minimal tasks required to do so, and find someone to get them done. Whether that be us personally or not.



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