Third place and a different feeling

Came third in the triathlon. First time I’ve won an award for sport since playing waterpolo more than ten years ago. What an effort. To be honest, I could have done it a little bit faster though, with more preparation. Had I not prioritized work so much.

I hadn’t been in the water during a triathlon in a while, and this time as it was a relay, our team started with the third wave. I managed to get the fastest time for the swim, just. There was another swimmer on my tail the whole time, it was quite a good fight right to the end. But, I knew I had it in me to win, it was a different feeling today. It’s like I knew I was going to win. Well, I did, and it was really fun!

I sprinted at the start to gain position, but soon caught up to the second wave. I had to swim through and around a whole lot of people. Thankfully the second lap was much clearer, and I think I made some time then.

Next time, I’m going to train at least three times a week, and will include time trials, or at least a competition distance practice much more often.

A reminder for next time, the prize giving for the relay is right at the end, about 90 minutes after it starts.



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