Uketamo past, present, future: how to get over things

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Uketamo is generally retroactive. Uketamo is generally about coming to terms with things that have happened to you in the past. When something happens that you’d rather didn’t, or you’d rather change, that’s when you Uketamo. Accept and move on. It helps you get over things if you actually say the word to yourself, Uketamo. I accept. Time to move on.

In the present, once you have accepted something, move your thoughts elsewhere. Once something has been accepted, there’s no need to give it the light of day. Better still, if you can empty your mind of thoughts completely, just watch them pass through your head, then you will be all the more better for it.

In future, when you feel yourself starting to think of something you have accepted, try whatever possible to get your mind off it. Put all triggers out of sight, and try to forget it.

Don’t blame yourself if you find yourself dwelling on it. Just stop, reassess the situation, and ask yourself, is it worth giving this the time of day? More often than not you’ll find the answer is no. Remind yourself that you have already accepted this by uttering the word again, Uketamo.



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