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When things don’t go your way

I’ve spent the greater part of the last few hours editing a video. I was working really hard on it but all of a sudden the voiceovers became grey and the sound from them completely disappeared. Looking for a solution on Google bears no fruit, just a series of unsolved problem threads, so I’m going to have to add them in and cut them up again one by one. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again. (Thankfully it’s not a long video)

This is on top of a whole other set of problems I’m having trying to set up a ghost.org blog. I’m finding that I can’t customize the blog at all really besides colour and theme (it seems I need to upgrade and then learn how to code to get what I want), and finding an effective way to import posts from WordPress and medium is proving futile (importing into medium is the most broken I’ve ever seen it).

So, what I thought would be a good solution to my blogging issues turns out to be a whole other can of worms that I’m not sure I have the energy to deal with. And now my video editing software Final Cut Pro X goes and does this weird unsolvable thing.

I’m taking a break. I really wanted to get this video out this morning, and I really wanted to have a ghost blog up and running, but it’s beginning to look like neither of those things is possible.

I’m in a frustrated state of mind, and this could be more harmful than it’s worth, so I’m going to do something until I calm down and can get back to work with a cool head.

When things don’t go your way, do something else until you can accept it.

Writing this has helped, I haven’t had my coffee, so I could do that, and I had promised to do some baking, so I guess I should just do that as well? Even though the urge to do the video and blog is strong, it’ll probably just make me more upset at this stage.

Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi


Hi, I’m Tim Bunting AKA the Kiwi Yamabushi, a New Zealander who became a Yamabushi Ascetic in the Dewa Sanzan mountains of north Japan. I’m part of the Yamabushido team, and we host life-altering Yamabushi training on the Dewa Sanzan (website link). People come to us for the ultimate mindfulness experience, to reach the next level, or simply connect with nature and themselves.

I’m on a mission to summit all 100 Famous Mountains of Yamagata Prefecture to spread the splendour of this fabulous location, and in dedication to all those who lost their lives out in nature, including my father.

On my daily blog I post thoughts of a practicing Yamabushi that I hope people can use to better themselves and live as fulfilling a life as possible.

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Sakata City, Yamagata, Japan 


All photos my own. Contact for more. 

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