WordPress and sunk costs

I spent way too long this afternoon trying to get a template to work on my blog. I still can’t get it to work, and I think I’ll just modify an old one I made that works. WordPress is great in that you can do a lot, but it’s extremely unintuitive, and you have to add a whole lot of plugins just to do the most simple things.

The reason I use it is because it’s easy to write a blog post on and have it show up looking at least decent. But that was after a lot of trial and error. I’ve already invested a few hundred into plugins, buying the lifetime versions. I don’t want to put to these to waste, but I’m beginning to think of another service, which might just be cheaper anyway.

These are sunk costs that I might just have to suck up. If I think about it in terms of how much use I got out of these plugins in the past few years, well I guess it’s not too bad after all. I’m going to be spending money anyway, may as well do it on something I can at least use easily.



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